Leah Briere’s Terms of Service

  • PayPal payments only.
  • Payment will be taken up front.
  • NO refunds.
  • Only three corrections will be made before I charge $20 per revision. No revisions on traditional media work after the lines are finished. I try to work with the customer to make sure there is clear communication to so time isn’t wasted.
  • No NSFW. No fetishes.
  • I have the right to turn down any idea for any reason.
  • NON COMMERCIAL USE ONLY. I retain all rights to the art piece commissioned (you retain rights to your characters, of course). DO NOT use the art for publication (books, comics, self published or traditional), use as a logo, sell merchandise of, use as promotional material, and so on. If you are interested in commercial work, rates START at 2x the base price. Email me at me@leahbriere.com for more information.