What’s up with the new name?

In May 2018 I decided to change my pen name from Jayelle Anderson to Leah Briere. After 16 years of going by “Jayelle” or “J.L.” I realized I HATED being called that! My real first name is super generic, so I never went by that online. Leah is the “L” part of my old pen name and Briere is an honor to my Turtle Mountain Chippewa heritage.

If you are struggling with your pen name or online alias, I suggest going by the name in private with friends or family for a while and see how you feel about it. Hear people say the name out loud to you or type it in chat. The main reason I stuck with Jayelle so long was I felt I was stuck since fans knew me as that. People will get used to it, though.

I created a brand new twitter account for this. It would have been easier to switch my name on my old account, but it felt freeing to make a new one, even if just emotionally. I know I’ve had that other account for ten years, but I needed this. If you want to see my new account please go here – https://twitter.com/Leah_Briere