Here is a list of Skyrim mods I’ve created! For now they are mostly a variety of NPCs.

Dar’zak – Fence Merchant in Solstheim

Ever wanted to do something with all of those stolen bottles of Matze? No more will you have to settle for creating hoarded piles of stolen goods! Sell them to Dar’zak the khajiit merchant! You can find Dar’zak near Headwaters of Harstrad with his pet chicken.

Aside from the NPCs I created a camp for Dar’zak as well as his journal and notes between NPCs about him. The notes are placed in spots that I think will lead a thiefy player to his location. Eventually I’d like to give him his own cave since pretty much all of the surface of Solstheim is hostile. If I have the time I’d also like to create mini fetch quests to get some of the local’s stolen goods back.


Download on NexusMods


K’tarria the Bard 

K’tarria was my first mod. She’s a fairly simple follower that I tried to keep reasonably balanced. My excuse for a khajiit having a human voice was that she got vocal training at the Bard’s College.

Eventually I’d like to create her a house and give her a schedule to go to a tavern.

Download on NexusMods

Frostbite Fox

Frostbite was my answer to Sony not allowing meshes or textures to be uploaded with follower mods (which makes creating followers for PS4 pretty ugly). He’s a snow fox fused with the soul gem of an unlucky mage which allows him to speak and have an icy bite attack. Frostbite was a featured mod at for January 2018!

The main updates I’d like to give to him would be to place him in his own little cave outside and give him a journal.


Download on NexusMods (coming soon)

  • Original Skyrim
  • Special Edition

Download on Bethesda