These are the BASIC prices for non-commercial commissions. Email me at for commercial quotes.
Before commissioning
read my TOS

FOR SKETCH AND PORTRAIT COMMISSIONS , GO TO PATREON! – Leah Briere Patreon I will consider taking these commissions outside of Patreon for $35 for a sketch card and $75 for a portrait. 

Note: Outfit design, elaborate props (firearms or other tech), and super detailed designs (species, outfits, etc.), are going to cost extra. Please email me at with details for a full price quote.

Digital Commissions


Full body illustration (11”x17”):

Prices are per character. Max of 3 characters.

Full color: $210

+ add background: $175 and up depending on detail and shading method.
Limited to organic backgrounds right now (oceans, forests, etc) 

+ outfit design: Starting at $50

+ Detailed armor ($50+), complex props ($30+), 


w/outfit design – $265                                 

Detailed Shading w/armor addon – $265


One character + Detailed shaded background $550


Two characters – $430

Traditional commissions

Traditional commissions will be scanned. The originals can be mailed for an extra fee. They will not be as detailed as a digital commission due to the nature of the small size and medium. 

I do not work in larger sizes at this time.


Watercolor card (3.5”x5”)

$85 each

One character, bust/portrait only (no full body). 


Sample with no background (plain color)


Reference and detail communication

For characters: 

I will need a clear reference image or link to Toyhouse or similar character websites. I will need to know their personality and what emotion you want me to get across (smug, confident, scared, etc.) I DO NOT work off of description only. You must already have a character designed. 

Please make extra clear notes on details that are very important to you such as markings or a clothing article

For outfits: 

If you do not have an outfit in any of your references, please find a photo reference that is close to what you want, or pay for an outfit design add-on (starting at $50).


Stuff I am strong at drawing and enjoy:

  • Scenes that show story.
  • Different emotions and expressions.
  • Beautiful dresses, detailed outfits, interesting armor (added fee if super detailed)
  • Fantasy scenes, magic.
  • Sweet romance.
  • Oceans, forests, and other natural landscapes.
  • Anthro, humans, aliens, and some robots.
  • Different kinds of animals (not just foxes)
  • Pagan themes
  • Disney style

Stuff I don’t enjoy drawing or not very good at.

  • Nudes, not even cartoon nudes. It’s boring for me to draw a character without clothes on.
  • Character designs. Usually this means fursonas. I’ll charge a lot more for that.
  • Portraits of IRL humans or pets. I just don’t like to do this.
  • While I like drawing vehicles, I’m not that great at it. If you want a commission like this, you are looking at the commission being twice the price.

Things I will not draw commissions of under any circumstances.
(If you have to ask, the answer is very likely “No”.)

  • NSFW
  • Fetishes (SFW or NSFW)
  • Abuse or violence of any kind.
  • Characters from independent artists without their direct permission through their personal email.
  • Any form of bigotry and/or discrimination. No politics.
  • None of the usual requests where we think we need to report you to the FBI.