These are the BASIC prices for non-commercial commissions. Email me at for commercial quotes. Before commissioning read my TOS

Note: Outfit design, elaborate props (firearms or other tech), and super detailed designs (species, outfits, etc.), are going to cost extra. Please email me at with details for a full price quote.

I’ll be adding more samples as I create more examples. 


Digital Commissions

8”x8” or 8″x10″ depending on number of characters
Prices are per character. Max of 3 characters.


Greyscale Ink: $65 (No background)

Flat color: $75 (no background)

Cell Shaded Color: $85

Detailed Shading Color: $95

+ add simple background to pencil or shaded color: $30+


 Greyscale Ink Portrait – $65

Two character Portrait with Rendered color – $190

Full body illustration (11”x17”):

Prices are per character. Max of 3 characters.

Greyscale: $105 (No background)

Flat color: $115 (No background)

Cell Shaded: $175

Detailed Shading: $195

+ add background: $175 and up depending on detail and shading method.
Only available on pencil, cell shaded, and detailed shading
Limited to organic backgrounds right now (oceans, forests, etc) 

+ outfit design: Starting at $50

+ Detailed armor ($50+), complex props ($30+), 


Cel Shaded Color w/outfit design – $225                                 

Detailed Shading w/armor addon – $245

Flat Color w/detailed costume design – $250

Detailed shading + detailed shaded background $450

Traditional commissions

Traditional commissions will be scanned. The originals can be mailed for an extra fee. They will not be as detailed as a digital commission due to the nature of the small size and medium. 

I do not work in larger sizes at this time.

Small sketch (3.5”x5”)

$25 per character. Bust/portrait only (no full body). No background, no color.
One character is 3.5”x5”, two characters can be drawn on 7”x5” paper. 

Watercolor card (3.5”x5”)

$65 (no background)

$75 (simple background)

One character, bust/portrait only (no full body). 


Sample with no background (plain color)

Sample with simple background add-on



Reference and detail communication

For characters: 

I will need a clear reference image or link to Toyhouse or similar character repositories. I will need to know their personality and what emotion you want me to get across (smug, confident, scared, etc.) else I will default to smiling/content. 

Please make extra clear notes on details that are extremely important to you such as markings, the way the character smiles or eyes look, or how a chestplate is shaded. Extra time spent on nitpicking, changing your mind, and communicating details you forgot in your refs will cost extra (starting at $20). These are small commissions and more than one change you left out is not factored into the price.  

For outfits: 

If you do not have an outfit in any of your references, please find a photo reference that is close to what you want or pay for an outfit design add-on (starting at $50).

Please note that I prefer written communications for character commissions concise and often in bullet point. 



Original characters.
Humans, humanoids, all species of anthros, animals, fantasy or sci-fi races. Just ask!
Buildings, tech, weapons, vehicles, and so on. (might cost extra depending on what it is)
M/F, F/F, and M/M couples.
Elaborate outfits and outfit design.
Your video game avatars (such as Guild Wars 2, World of Warcraft, Elder Scrolls)
Characters from shows or games, so long as it doesn’t disrespect the brand.



I will not draw the following themes under any circumstances. 

x No X-rated/pornographic art
x No fetish art (explicit AND non-explicit)
x No characters with hyper large body parts.
x Any form of bigotry and/or discrimination. No politics.
x Violence, abuse, or anything that implies these things towards anyone or anything.
x No illegal activity, even implied, such as pedophilia, incest, bestiality, etc.
x No stereotypes, especially towards Indigenous Americans.
x Characters from independent artists without their direct, written permission.
x My characters romantically paired with anyone else’s characters.    

I do not draw portraits of people or animals. Please don’t send me photos in hopes I’ll draw you or your pet as a cartoon. 

I do not design characters for non-commercial use including personal avatars, fursonas, or characters for stories. Please have characters already designed before commissioning me. 



These are some of my favorite things to draw.

Beautiful dresses, detailed outfits, interesting armor 
Witch and magic themes.
Sweet romance.
Oceans, forests, and other natural landscapes.
Expressive characters.
✔ Sweet romance!

I get asked to draw a lot of female characters, but keep in mind I like drawing any gender! 

If you have any questions email me at