Beyond the Western Deep Sketches

Back in September I helped with the Beyond the Western Deep Kickstarter by selling a painting and random character sketches. It was a successful run and we made almost $23k! I finally had the time and energy to draw all 26 sketch cards and learned in the process that I enjoyed drawing the ermehn characters a lot.

If you enjoy these and haven’t read Beyond the Western Deep yet, please go check it out! The story I drew was The Scholar and the Seawal.

New Comic in Production

I did say that I’d “never say never” to making another comic, so introducing Laz Alanti Jones and the Mayfield Echo Hunters! It won’t be starting until late Q2 of 2019, but it’s been in production for a month and I’ve made FAR more progress that I have on any other comic I’ve made in the last 7 years. Those of you who have been following me for a long time know EXACTLY why this one is getting done, unlike everything else.

It’s a sci-fi/fantasy dramady about a reluctant psionic and his friends as they keep their town safe from ancient elven war robots possessed by enigmatic creatures. 

If you want to support the production of this comic please go to my Ko-fi page to donate or subscribe to see progress, or follow me on twitter!

This new comic stars my characters Laz and Jasmine from a story collaboration of a time long past, but now in my world of Anaria. Things will be rather different from what people were used to in my now defunct Anaria, though some of the characters will appear in Laz and Co. I should have a novel available late 2019 that will be a sequel to this comic and will be the start to the Anaria novel series.

Something I learned through this process is that I honestly didn’t enjoy working on the original Anaria comics. My slow output and lack of passion was a huge sign of that. Another thing I learned from this process is that you have to LOVE a project to push through being paid very little, if anything at all. While I appreciated the support, $250 a month on Patreon doesn’t pay the bills, and if it doesn’t feed my soul I’m not going to continue with it. Laz and Co does indeed feed my soul.

All of the characters from the now defunct Anaria comics will still appear in either this comic or the novels, but things will be drastically different with better writing. Don’t worry Mahri and Kaylee fans… they’ll come back in time. You can still go here to read most of the old (now defunct and not canon) comics (surprisingly, Pixie Clover is still canon). Onward to the future, though! I ain’t goin’ back!

Anyway, for news about my new comic go to — twitter,, or my Ko-fi page!

Beyond the Western Deep Kickstarter

The Beyond the Western Deep Kickstarter began today! It is a webcomic written by Alex Kain and illustrated by Rachel Bennett. They are trying to get the funding to self publish hardcover special editions of chapter one that include a lot of extras. Please check out the campaign!

I only had a small part in the Kickstarter (which sold out in under 30 minutes), but I’m still going to promote the Kickstarter everywhere I can! If you want to read my contribution to the Western Deep series, check out The Scholar and the Seawal!

Talespin Pitch

Several years ago I made a pitch with Robby Bevard for a TaleSpin comic. I’m not sure if the editor ever sent the art to Disney, but I’m still proud of the art so I’ll share it here! The art is by me (as Jayelle Anderson), colors by Robby.


…and because they are cute pictures, here are some more Disney characters I’ve drawn. (Gazelle’s colors are by me)


What’s up with the new name?

In May 2018 I decided to change my pen name from Jayelle Anderson to Leah Briere. After 16 years of going by “Jayelle” or “J.L.” I realized I HATED being called that! My real first name is super generic, so I never went by that online. Leah is the “L” part of my old pen name and Briere is an honor to my Turtle Mountain Chippewa heritage.

If you are struggling with your pen name or online alias, I suggest going by the name in private with friends or family for a while and see how you feel about it. Hear people say the name out loud to you or type it in chat. The main reason I stuck with Jayelle so long was I felt I was stuck since fans knew me as that. People will get used to it, though.

I created a brand new twitter account for this. It would have been easier to switch my name on my old account, but it felt freeing to make a new one, even if just emotionally. I know I’ve had that other account for ten years, but I needed this. If you want to see my new account please go here –