From 2014 to early 2018 I was developing¬†Anaria as a webcomic under the name Jayelle Anderson. I realized to convey the story I wanted I needed to tell it in a non-visual medium, so I’m currently re-writing it as a novel series. The novels will start several years before The Witch’s Dream¬†and follow the events that lead up to Gavin going to Adanya and Lilian leaving the Mansel Knights.¬†

One reason the visual medium didn’t work for Anaria was the fact that it will take me FAR too long to tell the story I want. I have physical conditions that would prevent me from doing full time comics long term. Second is that I felt my cartoon designs cheapened the experience, so I’ll let people’s imaginations paint the pictures instead.

To read the incomplete chapters, click on the images. Pixie Clover is still in development and Winter’s Light needs some edits. They are PG rated.

To see Anaria Illustrations click here!